39 Tips from a Psychologist on How Yo Be Happy Every Day

How ho be happy every day every day we struggle with many, smaller and bigger worries: work, family, finances, health … Current difficulties often completely occupy our attention and obscure positive moments. How can you find happiness in your daily activities? Psychologist, psychotherapist and coach Magdalena Nagrodzka, MA shares with us simple tips on how to enjoy life every day.

  1. Every morning before getting out of bed and in the evening before going to bed, thank you for at least three things that you have or happened to you during the day, e.g. a good job, a good partner / Ra, a funny moment.
  2. Every evening, ask yourself one thing you learned during the day.
  3. Every evening, ask yourself one thing you can do better next time.
  4. When you make a mistake, if possible, do the same again in a better, correct version. If you can’t physically fix it, do as if you can and imagine it. The goal is to remember the enhanced version last.
  5. Before eating breakfast, if your health allows you, do sports for at least 30 minutes or go for a 10-minute walk. Movement and fresh air are the best medicine.
  6. In the evening before going to bed or in the morning before work, make a list of tasks for the day.
  7. In the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed, meditate for at least 10 minutes, i.e. observe your thoughts without judging them.
  8. Touch your loved ones when you can.
  9. Tell your loved ones that they are special, that you love them, that they are important to you.
  10. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself.
  11. Talk to people you don’t know in a socially acceptable way.
  12. Stop accidentally overeating, eat thoughtful food.
  13. Surround yourself with smarter people than you.
  14. When you do something, ask yourself how it affects you and other people.
  15. Have a dream and visualize it for a few minutes every day as if you have already achieved it.
  16. Choose one life context in which you want to master and practice it.
  17. Be kind to people.
  18. If you made a mistake that had negative repercussions on others, apologize to that person.
  19. Several times a day, describe the reality by saying what you see, hear and feel, for example: “I see a red car, I can hear its engine and I feel curiosity.”
  20. When you feel any emotion, notice it and focus on your breathing while still feeling it. Don’t run away from her.
  21. Spend a dozen or so minutes with yourself at least once a day.
  22. During the day, for at least a dozen or so minutes, talk to someone you trust and who you like, what is up with him, how he is doing and what he discovered today.
  23. If you find yourself complaining or pessimistic, immediately find evidence that it will be okay.
  24. When you feel something, allow yourself to do so because it’s part of you.
  25. Ask yourself what you really feel about the situation and what you think about it.
  26. Stop spending time with toxic people.
  27. Give away all the things you don’t use to people in need.
  28. When you are doing business, ask yourself – how can you earn more money from it
  29. At least once a day, ask yourself, “Am I happy?” If the answer is negative, change something.
  30. Do something stupid and spontaneous at least once during the day, for example, zigzag on the sidewalk.
  31. When you get down to work, work as much as possible for at least an hour without any break.
  32. Get rid of dis tractors when you work or study.
  33. At least twice a week, read some developmental psychology article or some developing book.
  34. Find something bigger than you – God, Oneness, Fullness (the name does not matter, religion as well – it is a habit) and ask for support and guidance.
  35. Do something good for someone each day, such as leave a tip bigger than usual, wish someone good luck, or just smile at someone.
  36. Greet people when you meet them, and have a nice day as you say goodbye.
  37. While talking, look in the eyes, observe what you see.
  38. Walk upright and look straight ahead. Honor your body.
  39. List on the calendar everything you want to achieve.

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